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    Google Analytics is a tool by Google which records complete visitor details on websites like a source of a visitor, location, page views, average time on site, bounce rate, etc. It helps marketers to analyse and make the strategy of further promotions.

    With our Google Analytics Course, you can learn how to create an account, implement tracking code, analyze basic reports and set up goals and campaign tracking.

    With advanced Google Analytics features including data collection, processing and configuration, and more complex analysis and marketing tools.

    Google Analytics course is designed for clearing the Google Analytics Individual Qualification exam. The entire course content is in line with the updated certification program from Google and helps you clear the certification exam with ease and get the best jobs in digital marketing agencies, MNCs and with our course, you can even use it in your business.

    You will get a chance to work on real-time projects and assignments that have an impact on the real-world industry scenarios, which helps you to fast-track your career.

    Google Analytics

    After attending our Google Analytics course, you will be awarded upon the completion of the project work (after the expert review) and upon scoring at least 60% marks in the quiz and then participants will have a clear understanding of how to measure and monitor their online traffic.

    So what are you waiting for, let’s join our best Google Analytics Certification Course today!


    Job Oriented Google Analytics Training in Thane

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    Advanced digital marketing course covers all the digital marketing modules in detail. Ideal for those who wish to learn all the digital marketing techniques and do a full time career in digital marketing.

    Advance SMO Training

    Our SEO training make you understand the background behind search engine optimization. You will learn various methods to achieve high ranking in search engines.

    Advance SEO Training

    Our SEO training make you understand the background behind search engine optimization. You will learn various methods to achieve high ranking in search engines.

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    Digital marketing crash course is designed for those who just want to know the glimpse of digital marketing. Ideal for entrepreneurs, fresh graduates or undergraduates who wish to understand the scope.

    Advance Google Analytics Training

    Google Analytics is a tool by Google which records complete visitor details on websites like a source of a visitor, location, page views, average time on site, bounce rate, etc.


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    Google analytics jobs


    google analytics FAQS

    Google Analytics is a powerful web analytics tool offered by Google that helps businesses track and analyze website traffic. It provides valuable insights into user behavior, allowing organizations to make data-driven decisions to improve their online presence.

    Anyone involved in digital marketing, website management, or business analytics can benefit from a Google Analytics course. This includes marketing professionals, business owners, web developers, and analysts who want to enhance their skills in understanding and interpreting online data.

    The course typically covers a range of topics, including setting up Google Analytics accounts, tracking website traffic, analyzing user behavior, setting up goals and conversions, utilizing custom reports, and understanding key metrics like bounce rate and conversion rate.

    While prior experience is not mandatory, a basic understanding of web terminology and digital marketing concepts can be beneficial. The course may cater to beginners and more advanced users, so it’s essential to check the prerequisites outlined by the course provider.

    The duration of a Google Analytics course can vary. Short introductory courses may take a few hours, while more comprehensive and in-depth courses might span several weeks. The duration often depends on the course’s complexity and the depth of material covered.

    Many Google Analytics courses offer a certificate of completion. However, the type and recognition of the certification depend on the course provider. Some courses may offer official Google Analytics certification, while others may provide a certificate from the training organization.

    Yes, the skills acquired in a Google Analytics course are applicable to various types of websites, including e-commerce, blogs, corporate sites, and more. The principles of tracking and analyzing user behavior remain consistent across different web platforms.

    Google Analytics undergoes regular updates to enhance its features and functionality. A good course should cover the latest updates and features to ensure that participants are equipped with the most relevant and up-to-date knowledge.

    The Duration of advance Google analytics Course is of 1.5 Months

    We provide you with a certificate once you have completed the Google Analytics Course.



    April 23, 2020Digital marketing has been a constantly evolving industry since 2004. The rate at which this industry is evolving is surprising. Every day is a new challenge. The surprising factor is all the corporates in the world are moving towards digital solutions and sending the conventional varieties of marketing towards oblivion. The industry is fast growing and is adapting to new strategies and best practices. The digital revolution is here to stay. 1. Wide Variety of Career OpportunitiesIf you are exploring the best career opportunities after graduation then think about digital marketing. As India is becoming a digital hub there are a lot of career opportunities in digital marketing. Here are the top career you could think of – Digital Marketing Consultant Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Content Writing Email marketing Mobile marketing Content marketing Video Editing Web analytics Blogger Youtube Marketing Influencer Marketing 2. High Demand for Digital MarketersEmployers are not seeking job candidates with marketing degrees only or many number of years of experience in the field. They need personnel with extra skills. Digital marketing is the key to future success. The top marketers in India are embracing digital marketing and are successful at that. The future holds good for digital marketing as there are worldwide agencies and the top MNC corporate who will spend only on digital. 3. Will Get You Better Pay & preferenceDigital Marketing gives huge returns and ROI which can be measured effectively. The money spent and the returns are audited and the corporate will pump in more money. The mainstream advertising will take a huge haircut. The days of hoardings, TVCs, radio spots are gone. There are many job opportunities worldwide. Better pay and a promising career which is foolproof and there is huge money circulating. People are becoming rich 4. Do Freelancing Work from HomeThe best advantage of digital marketing is that the person involved will be able to work remotely, always from his close confines of home. All the person needs is an Internet connection and a laptop or desktop. The reach is the globe. The timings can be set by the person according to his own convenience. 5. Become Influencer and earn more from social media channelsThe influencer is the top digital professional today. He needs to produce high-quality content which will make an impression. The Brand owners look at the social media influencers as the driving force. The influencer needs to have the reach, knowledge, relevance and engagement rate. He needs to be the master of a content creator. The content posted on social media has to appeal to the masses. The more followers and visibility you have, the more money you earn. 6. Creative & Interesting FieldDigital marketing has ample opportunities for creativity. There are Graphic Designing, Content creation, Data Analytics, AVs, small ads, live sessions, live interviews and interactive sessions for the asking. The person gets totally involved in creativity. There are many number of softwares which are free to download and use. This fuels creativity more as there is not much cost involved. 7. You Can Start Your Own VentureAfter getting hands-on experience in the industry, the incumbent digital marketing person can start his/her own company. The projects can be managed with lesser staff and also will be able to outsource it. There are many entrepreneurs worldwide who work with a handful of staff and create best digital advertising and compete with the top advertising agencies worldwide and deliver the goods with aplomb and are on par with them. 8. Work on your Creative ProjectIf you have any creative thought which you could explore and market it with digital marketing techniques. You can convert your hobby into a money-making business, isn’t it? 9.Support Your Family BusinessThe person who is managing the digital marketing business can work for his own family business as well. There is no need to look outside. The family business will flourish, as the person knows about it in and out. He is the master of the business. He can advise the people involved in the business in the family and spearhead the projects with the best results and ROI. 10. Great Growth ProspectsDigital Marketing has great growth prospects for a long time. Companies have increased the digital marketing spend more than doubled in between 2011 and 2019. Demand for content marketers and data analytics, Digital advertising and small AVs have increased ten folds. Digital marketing will rise to 35% of all marketing spends by 2020. The professional digital marketing personnel earn more than their counterparts in conventional advertising. 11. Get Professional CertificatesDigital marketing offers a number of professional certificates to the candidates like Google Adwords Certification, Google Analytics Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, etc. These professional certifications will improve your resume to get selected for a job as well as upgrade to the senior position. 12. Most effective and economical channel of marketingTraditional mainstream marketing is dependent on promotional methods and can be executed only once. The print ad and the TVC need to be replaced once it completes its shelf life. Digital marketing has its reach and can be recreated, iterations done online and release it with minimal cost. Digital Marketing covers a wide and diverse range of areas of knowledge and expertise. The SMM, SEM and SEO services penetrate deep into the psyche of the consumer or target audience. It is cost effective also. It can work well for small businesses also with limited marketing spend in local areas. 13. Easy to generate leads from the digital sales funnelGenerating leads is the most critical step in sales and marketing. The digital platform is the best platform for this. Lead generation involves a careful process and needs to be done correctly to get ROI in the fastest possible time. This process is called a Lead Generation Funnel! Understanding the process and stages behind a lead generation are very critical for marketers. The digital marketer will use effective tools in getting these leads into active business. 14. Higher Conversion Rate and ROITo get more business, it is always recommended that Digital Advertising needs to be used. The conversion rates are higher. If one compares it to the mainstream media like TV, radio and print, the cost is very high. Returns are very less. The shelf life of a newspaper is only 15 minutes. But, the digital advertisement will run continuously and may seek the internet surfer’s attention again and again and will be noticed come what may. The consumer is unable to shield from this campaign onslaught!! Thus, the conversion rates are higher in digital advertising and the ROI is very much higher. The spend is very less. 15. Huge increase in usage of internet in IndiaThere will be a huge increase in usage of the Internet in India by 2021. More than 600 million internet users in India alone. The usage jumped to significant in 2018 and is growing. The advent of smartphones apart from iPhones has contributed to the growth of internet usage. This has catapulted the rural populace to use the internet. The programs beamed in regional languages has invited people to stick to their cell phones. urban users have glued to their laptops and desktops along with their cell phone. The information reaches the target audience faster than any medium.People use the internet to find nearby vendors as well as online shopping, utility bill payments, online banking and entertainment purposes, etc. Conclusion:Large and small scale industries are increasingly shifting from conventional marketing methods and are embracing digital marketing techniques. The corporates are hiring more and more digital marketers. The jobs seekers are mushrooming as the marketers and brand owners are increasingly employing this new tribe. Soon, there will be no looking back for the digital professionals and the world will be rushing to embrace this new digital technology and welcome the expert digital marketing professionals. TDMC provides various basic & advanced digital marketing courses to college graduates, professionals and entrepreneurs. We evaluate the qualification, interest of students and suggest the suitable courses to them. We have made many successful careers of our students. Our trainers have huge industry experience across the industries. We offer live project training, internship, job assistance. So, what are you waiting for? Call us and secure your seat today and be ready to work in booming digital marketing industry. [...]
    August 28, 2019In today’s world, everything is going digital. Both products and services are now advertised and marketed in a digital platform. So while thinking of career options, what can be better than a successful career in the digital world! In this way, students can refer to TDMC for proper guidance. They are known to provide practical knowledge about the digital world and will ensure a good position for you in the digital marketing industry. Content marketing, website structuring, Google analytics, social media optimization, etc. are the varied field you can go for a successful career. SMO Manager or Analyst: SMO stands for Social Media Optimization. Under this, how to expand marketing using social media comes. Today, everybody owns a computer, and a smartphone and nearly all work are done using the internet. So what can be a better platform to promote a product or service using the internet as a platform? How to promote business using social media is the sole concern of Social Media. A Social Media  manager or analyst is the head person who will monitor and support the group of project managers working for promoting services through social media. Thus responsibilities of Social Media Manager/ analyst are huge. Thus being an Social Media Manager is big and TDMC will help you out with this. Functions Social Media Manager performs: An SMO manager performs multiple functions. The job description of an Social Media Manager/analyst is provided below in a nutshell: Communication with the teammates on project deadlines, development of project and to get desired results Has a prominent role in assisting ongoing project and manages operational processes Seeks new opportunities and projects for new clients Manages online marketing techniques Think creatively about the project and resolve all problems coming in the way Working in balance with the creative director, executive team Socialize the project in all possible social media platform Bring more traffic for the webpage Create and bring an appropriate campaign for the project Thus the role of Social Media Manager/ analyst is important and directly or indirectly determine the success of the ongoing project. They play the crucial role of binding all the teammates and develop a project which is creative and influencing at the same time. Skills which Social Media Manager should have: For any position, a certain set of skills should be there in an individual which marks their success. Skills of Social Media Manager/Analyst is mentioned below. These will help them to make their position strong in the digital world. Planning strategies and their execution Management of communities Understanding how content works on social media A creative mindset Knowledge about trends in digital marketing Thus an Social Media Manager or analyst has a very important role and is responsible for the implementation of strategies for promoting a product or service in social media for the client. The position is huge and so comes with plenty of responsibilities. Do not worry. TDMC is working in the way of making the dreams come true. Contact them in order to build a secure and successful career in the digital world. [...]
    August 19, 2019If you are in search of a career option which is out of the league, then welcome to the digital world. Now a day almost everything has gone digital and hence marketing and advertising. Moreover, if you find social media, internet marketing interesting, the digital industry is your thing. For becoming an integral part of the digital industry, TDMC will help you out. They will provide you with certification or professional courses to ensure a good position for you in this field. In this way, PPC/ SEM manager is something influencing. This position holds a specific position in the digital industry and comes with hard work and a great pay scale. TDMC will make you totally ready for the post and will make you learn the skills of PPC/ SEM manager/ analyst. How to become a PPC/ SEM manager? Becoming a PPC/ SEM manager is a great success in the digital industry and does not come easy. The success of any project depends on the ability of a PPC/ SEM manager. Responsibilities of PPC/ SEM manager/ analyst are huge. Thus to become one, you need to have the following qualities in you. Understanding important metrics is crucial. This includes click-through rate, cost per conversion, cost per click, return on add spend,etc Find inspiration in your competitors Learn Excel from heart Keen interest in playing with numbers and targets Strong analytical skills However, for being successful in any field, a certain characteristic is necessary. For being a part of the digital industry, or being a PPC/ SEM manager/ analyst, you need to be passionate about it. Further, technical knowledge, creativity, analytical perspective, communication skills, and understanding will help you to bloom more. How does PPC manager work? PPC Manager will help their clients to get more and more attention and traffic for their website. They will spread their product or service in various digital media platform in order to market it. Working of PPC is concerned with communication, creativity, and teamwork. The job description of PPC/ SEM manager/ analyst is mentioned below. Is responsible for planning and implementation of daily account management responsibilities associated with Google Ads, Bing and other search platforms for a variety of clients. Review competition strategies, strengths and opportunities Suggest large keyword lists as per the business goals and target audience Monitor and review keyword bidding, daily and monthly budgeting, clicks, quality score and other important campaign metrics. Plan catchy creative and graphical ad designs to attract the buyer’s attention. Provide suggestions and execute best strategies for most relevant keywords, campaign structuring, targeting, display network, etc as per the client objectives. Generate and analyze weekly and monthly reports and find out the improvement areas Keep pace with search engine industry trends and developments. Manage and train the team, project development, timelines, and results to meet client goals The digital industry is a fast-growing industry that promises to offer more job opportunities to the fresher. Moreover, besides students, professional ladders, webmaster or IT managers can also build a successful career here. Join TDMC now and get planted to a prominent position in the digital marketing field. TDMC has plenty of experts from digital industry who will guide you to be successful in this blooming field of digital marketing. [...]
    August 13, 2019In all areas of Digital Marketing it is very important to know all the news that comes up, since what is worth for today maybe tomorrow may not be worth it. There are many other functions that the SEO Manager should have, although the fundamental and most important thing is to have a continuous training and be up-to-date. Regarding search engine positioning, we are continuously undergoing changes in the algorithm with respect to search engines and more specifically with Google, which is the search engine with a 93% market share. One of the main skills of SEO manager/analyst is that they must always informative regarding Google’s next step. Here is the job description of SEO manager/analyst that they need to perform: In-depth website audit& develop customized SEO plans for website Perform keywords analysis to meet the objective of the business of the client On-site and off-site SEO analysis among competitors and client’s website Coordinating with the structural and various technical modifications of the website and web pages based on the SEO strategies Manage the content team to produce SEO friendly content Assisting the development team and execution team to fulfill various SEO goals. Changing and adapting to the new changes with the SEO trends and other online marketing industry developments. Monitor the web analysis and SEO stats with the help of relevant SEO tools Work together with team members to fulfill the client’s goal Develop strategies for link building campaigns Monitor the tracking tool data and improve as per the need of the client’s business requirement Plan social media activities to improve social signal to website Get updated with Google Algorithms and regular updates and Create weekly and monthly reports for clients, analyze and plan the monthly activities Client coordination for all the project related activities and report updates, etc So the SEO managers have a wide variety of jobs which are on daily basis, weekly basis and even monthly basis too. It is a task which you need to keep on eye continuously for a developed and improved work. There are many reputed MNCs all around the world who hires the SEO analyst. Even they are having a lucrative salary package too which will increase with better skills and experience. Conclusion So you need to get prepare form today only. Take up any professional courses on SEO management and you can also be one of the top SEO managers. TDMC can help you gain knowledge and practical to get good jobs in digital marketing industry. Even we would help you to acquaint you with the responsibilities of the SEO manager/analyst. All this knowledge would be helpful for you when you will be hired by an MNC. So prepare yourself from today and enroll now for a better career opportunity for your future in digital industry. You can get necessary practice, training and guidance from TDMC if you want to grow your career in digital marketing. [...]
    May 22, 2019A digital marketing manager is the main responsible person for the implementation and control of the digital marketing plan of a company. Let’s have a detail look in the professional field of a digital marketing manager, what they do, how they do. They should have a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and be able to lead integrated digital marketing campaigns from concept to execution. Digital marketing managers will work with the marketing team, supporting teams (such as programmers), and vendors to launch campaigns on time and on budget.Let’s check out the roles and responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager. Core Responsibilities Plan and execute all digital marketing, including SEO/SEM, email marketing, lead generation, social media and display advertising campaigns, etc. Design, build and maintain social media presence. Measure and report performance of all digital marketing campaigns, and assess against goals (ROI and KPIs) Identify trends and insights, and optimize spend and performance based on the insights Brainstorm new and creative growth strategies Plan, execute, and measure experiments and conversion tests Collaborate with internal teams to create landing pages and optimize user experience Utilize strong analytical ability to evaluate end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels and customer touch points Instrument conversion points and optimize user funnels Collaborate with agencies and other vendor partners Evaluate emerging technologies. Provide thought leadership and perspective for adoption where appropriate Basic Requirements Any degree in science/commerce and marketing or a related field Proven working experience in digital marketing Demonstrable experience leading and managing SEO/SEM, lead generation, email, social media and/or display advertising campaigns Highly creative with experience in identifying target audiences and devising digital campaigns that engage, inform and motivate Experience in optimizing landing pages and user funnels Experience with A/B testing and multivariate experiments Solid knowledge of website analytics tools (e.g., Google Analytics, WebTrends, etc) Experience in setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript development and constraints Strong analytical skills and data-driven thinking Up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement In addition to all this, the job description of digital marketing manager must be a person with a great capacity to understand the master lines of a previously defined digital strategy. It must be able to effectively implement and in the foreseen terms the different actions and interrelate them to achieve the marketing objectives of the company. On the other hand, the digital marketing manager must know how to work with flexibility and critical spirit in a consensual manner, to implement the necessary corrections as soon as possible to avoid wasting time or wasting budget on incorrectly raised or poorly focused actions. You can get necessary practice, training and guidance from TDMC if you want to grow your career in digital marketing. [...]
    May 17, 2019With the world going digital, every aspect of our life is getting digital too. We are getting dependent on the online platform. Well, this is creating huge career opportunities for this generation. A wide range of scope has been open in the sector of digital marketing. It is becoming mainstream in every part of the world. not only the full-time jobs but they are also creating the same great scopes for the freelancers and the entrepreneurs too. There are varied job opportunities in digital marketing offering fun work with the growing world. Digital marketing is becoming mainstream in India. Until 2010, many businesses did not take digital marketing seriously. They were not ready to change and were stuck with traditional marketing practices.Before it became mainstream, freelancers and entrepreneurs were able to get the first mover advantage. People who did good content marketing and search engine marketing were able to scale up the business very fast. Traditional companies did not even know what digital marketing was. Every day more companies are waking up to the fact that digital marketing is very important and is not an optional strategy in marketing anymore. They are late in catching up with trends, but there is no other option.This shift in marketing practice is giving rise to a huge opportunity in digital marketing jobs. Reports suggest that Digital Marketing will create 1.5 Lakh jobs in India by 2016. We will have a look at the various job positions available under digital marketing.Here’s a list of the various digital marketing positions available for those seeking a career in this arena: Digital Marketing Jobs in India Digital Marketing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Search Engine Optimization Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Social Media Marketing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Search Engine Marketing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Content Marketing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Content Writing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Inbound Marketing Executive/Manager/Experts/Specialists Digital Marketing Manager If you have 5+ years of experience in digital marketing and if you have projects that prove you are a digital marketing expert, you will be hired easily. Such digital marketing experts are in huge demand and companies hunt for these kinds of people. It is not necessary that you should hold an MBA or have certifications in digital marketing because your projects will be proof that you know digital marketing. Salary: The salary range of such digital marketing experts is from 10 to 20 Lakhs INR per annum. But it can go as high as 40 Lakhs plus equity in certain companies and as low as 5 to 8 lakhs per annum in startups. Responsibility: Digital Marketing Managers have to lead the digital marketing team and they will report to the V.P. of Marketing in the company they work for. DMM is a mid-senior level manager position. Content Marketing Manager Content marketing managers are responsible for content marketing. Content marketing includes managing the blog, sales page copywriting, email communications, drip marketing campaigns, a little bit of PR, eBook publications, video marketing, and guest blogging Content marketing managers report to digital marketing managers or the head/VP of marketing. Content marketing managers can be solo contributors or they can manage a team of content writers. More often than not, content writers are freelancers who write content by working from their home or as a part-time job. Content marketing managers will earn anywhere between 10-15 lakhs per annum on average. The experience required for such a position is 3-5 years. Again, there is no clear requirement for qualification. Having digital marketing certifications and an MBA can help if your projects do not showcase your content marketing expertise. However, if you have a project that speaks for itself, certifications and degrees are not compulsory. Inbound Marketing Manager If you have to define the separate role for an Inbound Marketer, the responsibility will be more towards managing the funnel and conversion at each stage. Drip marketing, lead nurturing, conversion rate optimization are important components in Inbound Marketing. An Inbound marketer can create a strategy for attracting customers. One of the inbound marketing strategies is content marketing. While the inbound marketing manager creates a strategy on how to attract customers using content marketing, the content marketing manager can focus on the execution of that strategy. Search Engine Marketing Manager Search engine marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. Search engine marketing is a broad term to define marketing via the search engines, but because Google is the biggest search engine – search engine marketing almost always just refers to marketing via Google AdWords. In addition, he has to manage the paid campaigns in social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Youtube, etc. Search engine marketers will report to digital marketing managers. The goal of a search engine marketer is to bring the target number of leads and clicks from the given marketing budget. Most of the work is involved in analysis, bid management, keyword research, ad copywriting and split testing the ad campaigns. There is no specific range for the years of experience required for a search marketing expert. Small companies hire freshers but some established companies need people with several years of experience. Search Engine Optimizer (SEO Executive) With good search engine optimization, one can get free traffic from Google instead of spending money on Google AdWords campaigns. The job of an SEO expert or SEO executive involves keyword research, user experience optimization, using Google webmaster tools, getting pages indexed, manage duplicate content and so on. An SEO expert should have experience in using the various kinds of SEO tools in the market. For example, SEOMoz, SEMRUSH, AHREFS are well-known SEO tools for digital marketers and webmasters. There are plenty of other tools which will help you improve your performance in the search engines. SEO experts will report to digital marketing managers. Most of the SEO experts are individual contributors. Sometimes there will be two SEO experts working on the team and they will give constant feedback to the product and web development team. Copywriters A copywriter will work with many people in the digital marketing team. The copywriter can help the search engine marketer write better ad copy, help the social media manager post better words on social media channels, help the content team refine their content for better reception. Besides you can also be the search engine specialist, inbound marketing manager, SEO executive, and many others such designations. So get with the TDMC today. TDMC helps you to gain knowledge and practice to get good jobs in the digital marketing industry which ensures a boosted career with lucrative salary package too. [...]

    Student Testimonials


    I had completed my 12th std and wanted to learn digital marketing in vacation, since I had plan to do graduation and post-graduation in marketing industry. I joined TDMC for the same. As per my personal experience TDMC is a great digital marketing course classes in Thane. There are industry expert digital marketing trainers to teach you. I learned a lot of things about the digital marketing campaigns. They cover the all the topics more thoroughly and best part give you get live example and connect with today's life. I completed my digital marketing course in 4 months and enjoyed and learned many things and will remember it in my whole life.


    TDMC has one of the best Digital Marketing courses, I have learned a lot from this class, their way of teaching is excellent. Overall I have enjoyed the course. Thank you for giving me such a platform to improve Digital Marketing skills. The course content was comprehensive and up-to-date with the latest industry trends. I highly recommend TDMC for those who want to pursue their career in Digital Marketing. Thank you TDMC for providing such an excellent support, it was overall a very good experience.


    TDMC is one of the best Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Thane & Mumbai that I have ever been to. I always wanted to work in a Digital Marketing Company but I didn’t have the necessary skills for it. I started thinking of doing a digital marketing course and later doing an internship in Digital Marketing by which I can learn the skills as well as gain experience for the companies. I completed my digital marketing course there, and they themselves offered me an internship in their company. I would highly recommend it to all the people in Thane & Mumbai, who are trying to secure a career in Digital Marketing.


    I completed my BE in IT in 2017, and I could not get a proper IT job in my Campus Placements. I got to know about Digital Marketing as a career option and started searching for the different career options in the field. I started searching for the different institutes across Thane and Mumbai, that provide a Digital marketing course. Then I came across TDMC. I contacted them and discussed about the course. Also on the completion of my course there, I got an opportunity to intern with them itself. That’s how I gained the knowledge as well as the practical experience needed for the industry. I seriously would ask people to join TDMC.

    user, avatar, user icon-6380868.jpg


    This is a nice digital marketing institute in Thane. I was searching for career option after my graduation. I came to know that Digital Marketing is growing field so I thought to learn this. I have visited this digital marketing institute and impressed with the knowledge of the faculties. They have good experience and provide in depth knowledge to their students along with huge practices. I strongly recommend this TDMC - digital marketing institute for all staying in Thane & Mumbai. Thank you sir for your training.

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