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Top 15 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been a constantly evolving industry since 2004. The rate at which this industry is evolving is surprising. Every day is a new challenge. The surprising factor is all the corporates in the world are moving towards digital solutions and sending the conventional varieties of marketing towards oblivion. The industry is fast growing […]

Roles and Responsibilities of Social Media Manager

In today’s world, everything is going digital. Both products and services are now advertised and marketed in a digital platform. So while thinking of career options, what can be better than a successful career in the digital world! In this way, students can refer to TDMC for proper guidance. They are known to provide practical […]

Roles and Responsibilities of PPC Manager

If you are in search of a career option which is out of the league, then welcome to the digital world. Now a day almost everything has gone digital and hence marketing and advertising. Moreover, if you find social media, internet marketing interesting, the digital industry is your thing. For becoming an integral part of […]

Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Manager

In all areas of Digital Marketing it is very important to know all the news that comes up, since what is worth for today maybe tomorrow may not be worth it. There are many other functions that the SEO Manager should have, although the fundamental and most important thing is to have a continuous training […]

Roles and Responsibilities of Digital Marketing Manager

A digital marketing manager is the main responsible person for the implementation and control of the digital marketing plan of a company. Let’s have a detail look in the professional field of a digital marketing manager, what they do, how they do. They should have a strong grasp of current marketing tools and strategies and […]

Career Opportunities in Digital Marketing

With the world going digital, every aspect of our life is getting digital too. We are getting dependent on the online platform. Well, this is creating huge career opportunities for this generation. A wide range of scope has been open in the sector of digital marketing. It is becoming mainstream in every part of the […]