Top 15 Reasons to Learn Digital Marketing

digital marketing

Digital marketing has been a constantly evolving industry since 2004. The rate at which this industry is evolving is surprising. Every day is a new challenge. The surprising factor is all the corporates in the world are moving towards digital solutions and sending the conventional varieties of marketing towards oblivion. The industry is fast growing and is adapting to new strategies and best practices. The digital revolution is here to stay.

1. Wide Variety of Career Opportunities
If you are exploring the best career opportunities after graduation then think about digital marketing. As India is becoming a digital hub there are a lot of career opportunities in digital marketing. Here are the top career you could think of –

2. High Demand for Digital Marketers
Employers are not seeking job candidates with marketing degrees only or many number of years of experience in the field. They need personnel with extra skills. Digital marketing is the key to future success. The top marketers in India are embracing digital marketing and are successful at that. The future holds good for digital marketing as there are worldwide agencies and the top MNC corporate who will spend only on digital.

3. Will Get You Better Pay & preference
Digital Marketing gives huge returns and ROI which can be measured effectively. The money spent and the returns are audited and the corporate will pump in more money. The mainstream advertising will take a huge haircut. The days of hoardings, TVCs, radio spots are gone. There are many job opportunities worldwide. Better pay and a promising career which is foolproof and there is huge money circulating. People are becoming rich

4. Do Freelancing Work from Home
The best advantage of digital marketing is that the person involved will be able to work remotely, always from his close confines of home. All the person needs is an Internet connection and a laptop or desktop. The reach is the globe. The timings can be set by the person according to his own convenience.

5. Become Influencer and earn more from social media channels
The influencer is the top digital professional today. He needs to produce high-quality content which will make an impression. The Brand owners look at the social media influencers as the driving force. The influencer needs to have the reach, knowledge, relevance and engagement rate. He needs to be the master of a content creator. The content posted on social media has to appeal to the masses. The more followers and visibility you have, the more money you earn.

6. Creative & Interesting Field
Digital marketing has ample opportunities for creativity. There are Graphic Designing, Content creation, Data Analytics, AVs, small ads, live sessions, live interviews and interactive sessions for the asking. The person gets totally involved in creativity. There are many number of softwares which are free to download and use. This fuels creativity more as there is not much cost involved.

7. You Can Start Your Own Venture
After getting hands-on experience in the industry, the incumbent digital marketing person can start his/her own company. The projects can be managed with lesser staff and also will be able to outsource it. There are many entrepreneurs worldwide who work with a handful of staff and create best digital advertising and compete with the top advertising agencies worldwide and deliver the goods with aplomb and are on par with them.

8. Work on your Creative Project
If you have any creative thought which you could explore and market it with digital marketing techniques. You can convert your hobby into a money-making business, isn’t it?

9.Support Your Family Business
The person who is managing the digital marketing business can work for his own family business as well. There is no need to look outside. The family business will flourish, as the person knows about it in and out. He is the master of the business. He can advise the people involved in the business in the family and spearhead the projects with the best results and ROI.

10. Great Growth Prospects
Digital Marketing has great growth prospects for a long time. Companies have increased the digital marketing spend more than doubled in between 2011 and 2019. Demand for content marketers and data analytics, Digital advertising and small AVs have increased ten folds. Digital marketing will rise to 35% of all marketing spends by 2020. The professional digital marketing personnel earn more than their counterparts in conventional advertising.

11. Get Professional Certificates
Digital marketing offers a number of professional certificates to the candidates like Google Adwords Certification, Google Analytics Certification, Facebook Blueprint Certification, HubSpot Content Marketing Certification, HubSpot Inbound Marketing Certification, etc. These professional certifications will improve your resume to get selected for a job as well as upgrade to the senior position.

12. Most effective and economical channel of marketing
Traditional mainstream marketing is dependent on promotional methods and can be executed only once. The print ad and the TVC need to be replaced once it completes its shelf life. Digital marketing has its reach and can be recreated, iterations done online and release it with minimal cost. Digital Marketing covers a wide and diverse range of areas of knowledge and expertise. The SMM, SEM and SEO services penetrate deep into the psyche of the consumer or target audience. It is cost effective also. It can work well for small businesses also with limited marketing spend in local areas.

13. Easy to generate leads from the digital sales funnel
Generating leads is the most critical step in sales and marketing. The digital platform is the best platform for this. Lead generation involves a careful process and needs to be done correctly to get ROI in the fastest possible time. This process is called a Lead Generation Funnel! Understanding the process and stages behind a lead generation are very critical for marketers. The digital marketer will use effective tools in getting these leads into active business.

14. Higher Conversion Rate and ROI
To get more business, it is always recommended that Digital Advertising needs to be used. The conversion rates are higher. If one compares it to the mainstream media like TV, radio and print, the cost is very high. Returns are very less. The shelf life of a newspaper is only 15 minutes. But, the digital advertisement will run continuously and may seek the internet surfer’s attention again and again and will be noticed come what may. The consumer is unable to shield from this campaign onslaught!! Thus, the conversion rates are higher in digital advertising and the ROI is very much higher. The spend is very less.

15. Huge increase in usage of internet in India
There will be a huge increase in usage of the Internet in India by 2021. More than 600 million internet users in India alone. The usage jumped to significant in 2018 and is growing. The advent of smartphones apart from iPhones has contributed to the growth of internet usage. This has catapulted the rural populace to use the internet. The programs beamed in regional languages has invited people to stick to their cell phones. urban users have glued to their laptops and desktops along with their cell phone. The information reaches the target audience faster than any medium.
People use the internet to find nearby vendors as well as online shopping, utility bill payments, online banking and entertainment purposes, etc.

Large and small scale industries are increasingly shifting from conventional marketing methods and are embracing digital marketing techniques. The corporates are hiring more and more digital marketers. The jobs seekers are mushrooming as the marketers and brand owners are increasingly employing this new tribe. Soon, there will be no looking back for the digital professionals and the world will be rushing to embrace this new digital technology and welcome the expert digital marketing professionals.

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