Roles and Responsibilities of SEO Manager

In all areas of Digital Marketing it is very important to know all the news that comes up, since what is worth for today maybe tomorrow may not be worth it. There are many other functions that the SEO Manager should have, although the fundamental and most important thing is to have a continuous training and be up-to-date. Regarding search engine positioning, we are continuously undergoing changes in the algorithm with respect to search engines and more specifically with Google, which is the search engine with a 93% market share. One of the main skills of SEO manager/analyst is that they must always informative regarding Google’s next step. Here is the job description of SEO manager/analyst that they need to perform:
  • In-depth website audit& develop customized SEO plans for website
  • Perform keywords analysis to meet the objective of the business of the client
  • On-site and off-site SEO analysis among competitors and client’s website
  • Coordinating with the structural and various technical modifications of the website and web pages based on the SEO strategies
  • Manage the content team to produce SEO friendly content
  • Assisting the development team and execution team to fulfill various SEO goals.
  • Changing and adapting to the new changes with the SEO trends and other online marketing industry developments.
  • Monitor the web analysis and SEO stats with the help of relevant SEO tools
  • Work together with team members to fulfill the client’s goal
  • Develop strategies for link building campaigns
  • Monitor the tracking tool data and improve as per the need of the client’s business requirement
  • Plan social media activities to improve social signal to website
  • Get updated with Google Algorithms and regular updates and
  • Create weekly and monthly reports for clients, analyze and plan the monthly activities
  • Client coordination for all the project related activities and report updates, etc
So the SEO managers have a wide variety of jobs which are on daily basis, weekly basis and even monthly basis too. It is a task which you need to keep on eye continuously for a developed and improved work. There are many reputed MNCs all around the world who hires the SEO analyst. Even they are having a lucrative salary package too which will increase with better skills and experience. Conclusion So you need to get prepare form today only. Take up any professional courses on SEO management and you can also be one of the top SEO managers. TDMC can help you gain knowledge and practical to get good jobs in digital marketing industry. Even we would help you to acquaint you with the responsibilities of the SEO manager/analyst. All this knowledge would be helpful for you when you will be hired by an MNC. So prepare yourself from today and enroll now for a better career opportunity for your future in digital industry. You can get necessary practice, training and guidance from TDMC if you want to grow your career in digital marketing.

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